Kind Words

11/2019 – UNSILO

Søren Andersen

Vasil is very focused on research driving the product, and impressively diligent in writing his findings down. He also worked independently with little oversight needed, and displayed a deep knowledge of customer use of UNSILO products – especially Classify! In order to do so, Vasil needed to to build and maintain relationships with external parties – both customers, and researchers – which he did very well.

Vasil furthermore displayed good skills in the area of UI design – though not his primary interest, Vasil made excellent comps and UI suggestions to products and showcases. Having done UI comps, Vasil also worked directly with developers – presenting his comps, taking in feedback, and iterating with our front-end developers, to ensure full implementation of his ideas.

11/2019 – UNSILO

Mikael Flensborg

It has been a true pleasure to be working with Vasil for almost 3 years, all the way from his first internship at UNSILO to experienced UX Designer. Vasil has always been super proactive, and the kind of a person who receives any task with great enthusiasm and with an analytical mindset but practical attitude. As Head of Products of UNSILO it has been a big strength and great reason for success to have Vasil in the team, since he has always been strong at keeping the focus at which problems we are trying to solve for customers and users taking foundation in thorough user research and strong product designs. I wish Vasil all the best in his future endeavours.

6/2019 – UNSILO

Anne Siig Blond

I had the pleasure to work together with Vasil at UNSILO for 2 years. Vasil started out as a student designer and intern at UNSILO and was hired as a full-time UX Designer when he finished his Bachelor. In his role at UNSILO, he has embraced the full spectrum of design. Vasil has practiced and grown his skills in user research, UX design, and UI design. He has also contributed with animations.

Vasil led all design processes when I was on maternity leave – this was no easy task to do entirely on his own without assistance from any fellow designers. Despite this, he managed to do extensive user research while at the same time keeping developers busy with new designs in different projects.

Vasil is a strong ambassador for users and is always eager to share stories from user sessions. He reflects upon what he has learned when talking to users and instills findings in his designs. In addition to this, he puts a lot of energy into making recommendations on behalf of the users when tweaking even the smallest details in a product.

In his communication with users, he is both polite and really empathic. His empathic approach positions him as an ideal UX Designer. It also makes him extremely pleasant to work with. I wish him the best of luck on his future journey as a designer.

4/2017 – Razuna

Jens Strandbygaard

Vasil was a skilled, attentive and bright employee, who solved the tasks he was given with lots of energy and insight. We have been very happy to work with him. As a person, he is happy, smiling and good company. We give him our best recommendations.

1/2017 – Coolshop

Jonas Spott

Under forløbet har Vasil haft forskellige opgaver indenfor det kreative felt. Det er tydeligt at Vasil har meget stor interesse inden for feltet – og hans kompetencer bærer stærkt præg af at han bruger meget af sin fritid på at blive bedre til at bruge de værktøjer som er nødvendige for at kunne levere gode resultater.

En speciel egenskab hos kreative folk er at kunne forstå forretningen også. Der er ikke mange penge i at sidde i 8 timer med et produkt, der kunne laves færdig på 1 time. Det er en af de ting Vasil har med sig også – og det gør ham værdifuld for forretningen.

Vasil arbejder meget selvstændigt, har et kanon drive og er god til at komme med konstruktive løsninger og idéer. Derudover er han rigtig dygtig til at få ting til at ske – og eksekvere på egne idéer. Specielt og vigtigst er Vasil utrolig behagelig at omgås og arbejde sammen med – og er meget vellidt.