Company: UNSILO

What I Did

• Led design and research processes

• Conducted interviews with users and academic researchers

• Created and communicated prototypes to users

• Greatly contributed to product management processes

• Worked on multiple products in different states

• Facilitated workshops and hackathons

• And much, much more


One of the products addressed the problem of journal editors with the ever-increasing flow of manuscript submissions. They would upload a paper and get an AI powered evaluation, utilising millions of previously published papers.

Example UI >

And for the journals with very specific needs, we made a tool where editors could teach their own AI system by annotating a couple of auto-identified statements.

Example UI >

With a product called Classify, we enabled OECD to create a tool for discovering SDG-related policy content.

SDG Pathfinder >

Before any of these products became products, I thoroughly studied the industry. As a result, I managed to provide a simplified explanation of the editorial process.

Editorial Process >

As a part of a research effort for a product meant to help authors write their manuscripts, I compared the challenges of western and non-western researchers.

Western v. Non-Western Researchers >


I had the chance to work with the biggest scientific publishers in the world, as well as with others, not as big: Springer Nature, Wiley, BMJ, Taylor & Francis Group, OECD, Karger, and many more.

I led a pilot program with Clarivate Analytics where I collaborated with other major publishers. On top of that, I worked with researchers from Aarhus University, as well as researchers from across the globe.

For two years in a row, I collaborated with Frankfurt Book Fair representing UNSILO at the biggest literature event in the world where the company received massive traction.