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You’ll realise the potential of embracing UX design in your organisation, and be surprised of the possibilities a person whose ambition is to evolve your business can help you achieve. You’ll learn the why of what I do, as well as why you need a person just like me.


As a Researcher

Because half of my drive comes from curiosity, I study industries thoroughly. This way, I come to understand all the different problems within and which ones are in a desperate need for a solution.

Collecting insights enables me to drive product decisions by providing clarity of direction as well as immediate feature suggestions. It helps me discover new opportunities and maintain a sharp product focus.


As a Designer

And because the other half of my drive comes from helping others, I create to specifically address user problems, often discarding nice-to-have functionality to focus on what’s truly essential.

It’s fundamental for a product to deliver a meaningful experience but the experience itself has to also be simple for the product to be excellent. That I ensure through an ongoing conversation with users.


As a Colleague

I believe that especially in smaller organisations, it’s crucial to communicate with everyone on the team because people are far more than what their titles stand for and capable of much more.

This way, the whole team gets to be inspired by a common goal, and better aware of the potential value we can add.


As a Person

I’m an essentialist – intentional, and continuously re-evaluating what’s in my life. I’m always on the lookout for new habits that would make me better. I like reading – especially sci-fi. I sometimes write trying to encourage people to think and reflect on their lives. Besides all that, I enjoy coffee, walks, and great conversations.


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