About Me

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This is Why

People deserve the ability to do amazing things, and technology should only help them do so. My mission is to create simple to use digital tools which empower others to push the world in a meaningful direction while having a good time.

As a Researcher

Because half of my drive comes from curiosity, I study industries thoroughly. This way, I come to understand all the different problems within and which ones are in a desperate need for a solution. Collecting insights enables me to drive product decisions and provide clarity for direction.

As a Designer

And because the other half of my drive comes from helping others, I create to specifically address user problems. I believe it’s fundamental for a product to deliver a meaningful experience, but delivering excellence requires exceptional simplicity – and that I ensure through an ongoing conversation with users.

As a Colleague

It’s essential to bring everybody on the team together and strongly encourage others’ ingenuity since people are far more than what their titles stand for when pursuing the same goal.

As a Person

Intentional and continuously looking for ways to be better than before, I would always enjoy a cup of coffee, a walk while listening to a podcast, or a great conversation.


Check out some of the companies I’ve worked with and the projects I’ve been obsessed about.