I’m Vasil

I work with startups as well as with individuals, aiding them establish and maintain a strong product focus, improve their internal processes, and design exceptional digital tools.


Covering your whole team in UX.

In-depth knowledge of industries, users, and problems.

Keeping product processes sharp and everybody up to date.


Prototyping designs to life.

Essentialistic approach to product design.

Creating unique design language and brand identity.

Let’s Talk

Need help realising an idea? Or you lack a good sparring partner… Let’s find a time.

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The Startups

I’ve worked with 2 startup companies. One got acquired. The other one is getting started pretty good…

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Words I find exciting, worth sharing, or simply words… A hint of how I am as a designer. As well as a person.

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Kindest Words

I’ve had the pleasure of receiving kind words from some of the people I’ve been working with…

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